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The following DEPRESSION QUESTIONNAIRE has 16 simple questions that may help identify common symptoms of depression. The results can be a helpful way to discuss your condition with your healthcare provider and actually help him/her diagnose your condition. After answering the questions provided on the following pages, print the completed questionnaire and discuss any concerns with your doctor.

As with any medical illness or condition, only your doctor or other qualified healthcare professional can provide a diagnosis of depression. The following questionnaire is intended to help you discuss symptoms with a qualified healthcare professional. This questionnaire is not intended to serve as a substitute for a diagnosis of depression by a qualified healthcare professional. If you think you may have depression, you should visit your doctor or other qualified healthcare professional as soon as possible.

Complete the questionnaire below and take the results to your doctor or therapist.

Choose the items that best describe you over the last 7 days.

Falling Asleep:

Sleep During the Night:

Waking Up Too Early:

Sleeping Too Much:

Feeling Sad:

Decreased Appetite:

Increased Appetite:

Decreased Weight (Within the Last Two Weeks):

Increased Weight (Within the Last Two Weeks):


View of Myself:

Thoughts of Death or Suicide:

General Interest:

Energy Level:

Feeling Slowed Down:

Feeling Restless:

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