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Family therapists help family members find constructive ways to help each other. They work in ways that acknowledge the contexts of people's families and other relationships, sharing and respecting individuals' different perspectives, beliefs, views and stories, and exploring possible ways forward.

Different cultures and different groups of individuals have very different notions of what 'family' means. The Association for Family Therapy (AFT) takes 'family' to mean any group of people who define themselves as such, who care about and care for each other.

Family therapists most often work with family groups but they will also work with people on an individual basis, or suggest individual sessions within a series of family meetings, when appropriate. They will also, when appropriate, work with the professional and/or social networks around families. Some AFT members also specialise in work with organisations, transferring their experience and insights into human relationships and group interaction to other systems, such as businesses and public and voluntary services.

If you would like to meet with a family therapist start by asking your GP or health visitor who can refer you through the National Health Service. In addition many family therapists work privately and now have their own websites or advertise through organisations such as yell.com Also specialist web sites e.g. The Eating Disorder Association or through professional organisations such as United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy.